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7 ways to reduce costs with cleaning

Managing a business means constantly finding ways to reduce operating costs. After all, savings can have a big impact on a company’s bottom line, and it should not be taken lightly.

At the same time, one of the most essential services in facilities management is cleaning, which is performed regularly. But is there a way to reduce costs with cleaning without having to compromise on quality? Fortunately, yes.

We’ve listed 7 ways to reduce costs with cleaning, no matter size of your office, building or team. Read on and find out how you can make smarter choices and start saving on your cleaning costs.

1. Have the right people

The best resource you can invest in is people. You don’t need to hire cleaning professionals directly, though. Usually, it’s more cost-effective to have a professional cleaning company than direct employees. These cleaning professionals will be trained to perform different types of cleaning, from general cleaning to technical cleaning services. It’s their knowledge, technique and dedication that will lead to the best results delivered promptly, which not only saves time but also money.

2. Invest in the appropriate material

The right people need the right tools to do their job. All the equipment should be in good condition to avoid time being wasted. Similarly, cleaning products of good quality will ensure better results. If you’re buying your own supplies, don’t forget to look for the professional lines, also it could be cheaper to buy concentrated cleaning solutions. They can be diluted using a dilution control system to avoid waste.

3. Negotiate with suppliers

As well as buying concentrated cleaning products, make sure you do your research to find the best prices. Don’t hesitate to negotiate to find the best deals. At Cleanwise, we supply janitorial consumables at competitive prices as we bulk buy them, and we also offer free delivery.

4. Be flexible with your schedule

If you’re hiring a professional cleaning company, flexibility can save you money. These companies usually have a team ready to service you on route, reducing the call-out rates. If you can be flexible when it comes to when you’re serviced, it can mean a significant reduction in the final cost.

5. Plan for cleaning staff absences

Another way to reduce costs is to try to foresee any potential absence and reduce the risk of these events occurring. Again, professional cleaning companies should have enough staff to cover their own absences. If you choose to get in touch with us, rest assured that with our large team of operatives, employed directly by us, we have you covered.

6. Don’t forget the insurance

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to saving on cleaning costs. Having insurance to cover services delivered is essential to avoid huge pay-outs, should something happen.

7. Hire professional help

As well as the reasons already listed, there are many indirect costs on facilities management and once you have a professional company managing and supervising things on your behalf, you can expect savings on employment costs.

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