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What are technical cleaning services?

Technical cleaning services are one of the broader categories when it comes to professional cleaning. It differs from domestic and office cleaning in many ways, especially when it comes to the products used, but also knowledge of the techniques. Technical cleaning can also be known as specialist cleaning services, as they attend to a very specific need.

In this category of cleaning, services can vary from floor maintenance and refurbishment to biohazard and disaster response. Other services such as cleaning of NHS settings and laboratories, trains, boats and airports are also included. In this article, we will list the most common technical cleaning services and discuss the advantages of having a professional cleaning company taking care of such services.

What are the most common technical cleaning services?

Apart from the services mentioned above, other technical cleaning services are quite common in the industry. They are:

ICT cleaning

ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. This type of service aims to clean any type of ICT equipment, such as computers, printers, and accessories. It removes dust, germs and viruses and it’s recommended for offices. The sanitisation of equipment contributes to a longer life of the equipment.

Kitchen deep cleaning

Vital to achieving high hygiene standards when preparing and serving food, a kitchen deep cleaning service is ideal for commercial and restaurant kitchens, such as nurseries and hospitals as well as pubs and restaurants. A kitchen deep cleaning service includes cleaning all the cooking equipment, the kitchen duct, appliances etc.

End of tenancy and pre-tenancy cleaning

To ensure a property is in good living condition, these types of cleaning services are recommended both at the beginning and end of a contract. It includes cleaning of all the rooms on the property, including kitchen oven, windows, and carpets.

School and nursery cleaning and disinfection

To reduce the spread of germs and keep surfaces clean, this type of technical cleaning reduces germs, dirt, and spills from surfaces. It also uses chemicals to disinfect the area, killing germs and contributing to a healthier and safer educational space. In addition to that, a more thorough technique, called antiviral fogging, can also be used to ensure maximum efficiency.

Seafront properties cleaning

To maintain seafront properties, special treatment is needed to reduce the effects of sun, strong winds, sand, and humidity that can be damaging to a water-front property. Special treatment also helps to avoid the growth of seaweed on the exterior of the property.

Other types of technical cleaning include crime scenes, street cleaning, monuments, and statues cleaning as well as cleaning of buildings with a particular historic or architectural significance.

Why should you hire a professional company to do these services?

There are various reasons to hire a professional company to perform a technical cleaning service, including the high level of experience in different techniques and products used to guarantee the best results, no matter the area or the equipment to be cleaned. Another reason is that it can save money in the long run, since technical cleaning contributes to the overall maintenance of facilities and equipment.

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