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What’s the difference between professional and standard cleaning services?

Updated: May 14, 2021

If you manage or work in a busy office, keeping it clean must be a challenge. Even if you can count on your co-workers to tidy up after themselves, more needs to be done and a deeper cleaning is needed regularly. Thankfully, commercial cleaning companies can provide professional cleaning services.

Professional cleaning is cleaning to a high standard and it’s different on many levels from standard cleaning. To start with, it’s a much more thorough cleaning. But there are also key differences that make this type of cleaning ideal for commercial premises.

1. Professional cleaners use different products

Specialised, stronger products are used by professional cleaners, which are better suited to clean bigger areas or tougher stains. They tend to be concentrated and need to be diluted, which makes them more cost-effective. On the other hand, they need to be used by a professional trained to deal with such chemicals to avoid any accidents. Professional cleaning companies are used to perform both cleaning and disinfection of areas, which can be beneficial to avoid cross-contamination in the office.

2. Professional cleaning is done with professional equipment

It’s also important to have the right equipment to perform the task. Both the size of the area and the type of cleaning need to be considered. This helps to save time when the cleaning task is being performed, as with the use of proper equipment the cleaning can be done much quicker. Not to mention that the right equipment means better use of cleaning products, avoiding waste, and leading to better results.

3. Professional cleaners are trained to do the job

Have you tried to perform a task which you’re not trained to do? You might be able to do some parts of the task but not all, and certainly not with the best technique and achieving the best results. The same applies to professional cleaning. While most of us are used to common house cleaning, professional cleaning demands different techniques and specialist knowledge about the products and equipment. These professionals are trained to do the job and achieve results much faster.

4. Training also means different techniques

We’ve mentioned earlier but it’s important to stress that professionals are trained to manipulate cleaning products and the right cleaning equipment. Not only that, but they are also trained to clean to a high standard, cleaning even hard to reach areas, all whilst maintaining a high level of safety to avoid accidents.

5. The efficiency of a professional clean

Dusting, cleaning windows, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floors. These are just some of the tasks included in professional commercial cleaning. Whilst they are common tasks, the key difference is the efficiency of the professionals who will be performing such tasks. Due to their training and experience, you can expect brilliant results and tasks to be completed in a shorter amount of time. There’s also the possibility to perform these tasks outside of working hours, causing less disruption to the workplace.

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