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How a clean office can improve the productivity of your employees

Updated: May 14, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we deal with hygiene, with some practices that are here to stay and will probably be incorporated together with the “new normal”. Washing hands regularly and using hand sanitiser are some examples. However, good cleaning and hygiene practices shouldn’t only be a priority during a health crisis.

A clean space can bring many benefits and prevent health issues, especially in a busy environment. In an office, for example, cleanliness can have a positive impact in different ways, including the productivity of employees. We’ve listed them below:

Better work environment

It’s no secret that we spend most of our days in the office. This might change in the future to accommodate flexible remote working, but, still, it doesn’t take away the importance of a clean and organised office which will help to create a better environment for the employees as a whole and make them feel motivated to do their jobs.

Meet employees’ expectations

Imagine having to wash dishes before starting your regular daily tasks, like going for a meeting with your boss? Employees shouldn’t be expected to be responsible for office cleaning, especially when there are many commercial cleaning companies out there that offer this service. Collaboration is key to keep a space clean, but employees don’t expect to have to do the heavy work. If they feel their surroundings are not clean enough, it might lead to distractions and they might feel they should do the work themselves.

Keep distractions away

One way to keep distractions away in the workplace is by making sure the office is maintained and clean, with no other task standing out as something that needs doing. This rule applies to the whole building but also each desk individually. Working in a messy space can move the employee’s attention from the pile of documents that need to be organised, for example. It’s important to count on the individual to keep their space tidy but a cleaning company can help with these duties.

A healthier and safer space to work

Keeping an office clean and disinfected can help to control the spread of viruses and diseases. Regular cleaning, the use of appropriate products and techniques can help prevent cross-infection in the workplace. All of this means fewer people getting sick in the office and less sick days, improving overall productivity. Additionally, commercial cleaners are trained to keep common spaces free from clutter and potential hazards.

Improve staff morale

Happy employees work better and harder. When you are not distracted by office clutter and your surroundings are clean, it shows that your office manager cares about your well-being and safety. This fact alone can help boost the morale of staff and make them feel recognised and valued. Likewise, most people would take pride in working in an office that is well kept. All these elements play an important role in keeping morale high and your staff motivated and productive.

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