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7 tips to improve your facilities services

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Facilities management services is an area that aims to manage a building, ensuring it’s functioning efficiently and effectively. Facilities processes are constantly evolving, which is why it’s important to keep your facilities management services up to date. In this article, we list seven top tips that can help you to implement facilities successfully, creating a long-term strategy that will ultimately benefit your whole organisation.

1. Prioritise the cleaning of your space

This might sound a bit obvious, but in the current circumstances, the importance of keeping spaces clean and disinfected can’t be stressed enough and it’s the first thing to be looked at if you want to improve your facilities. Having a cleaning schedule that is monitored regularly, according to the needs of the building, is the first step. Getting help from an external cleaning company and even some extra services, such as anti-fogging might be necessary to ensure a healthier and safer work environment.

2. Communicate with key stakeholders

Working well with other people is vital. With many teams involved - cleaning, waste management and maintenance, to name just a few - communication is key to ensure everything runs smoothly. So, think, is there any initiative you can take towards a more seamless communication? Having clear schedules, responsibilities, and a list of tasks to be completed is the first step towards a better relationship with stakeholders.

3. Automate facilities and maintenance operations

Because of the variety of tasks that facilities are responsible for, automation can help to save time and resources. The idea is to streamline essential facility processes. For example, a room booking system avoids back-and-forth human interactions. Another idea is to automate the heating and air-conditioning system, having their settings adjusted to match the building’s busy and quiet times, controlling the air temperature accordingly, for example.

4. Know the equipment used in your building

Another way to improve your facilities is by being aware of the equipment used to carry out the services that are so important to keep the building functioning. From cleaning equipment and products to maintenance tools and even the coffee machine. Having an inventory of everything helps to stay organised and in control of any unexpected issues.

5. Create a preventative maintenance plan

Keeping a record of all equipment you have in your building is as important as knowing their condition. Facilities is also about thinking ahead and anticipating problems. Creating a plan, with all the dates from the last inspection, any fixes that have been done and when the next check-ups are due, is a good way to ensure equipment is maintained and in good working condition.

6. Cut down costs, no matter how small they are

It’s not only about the big savings, but a good facility manager is always finding ways to save money. And sometimes even the smallest of actions can have a big impact. Avoiding unnecessary printing, changing the light bulbs to LED bulbs and keeping the air-con off when not in use are some steps to positively impact the organisation’s bottom line and the environment.

7. Hire a company that can take care of your facilities

It’s okay if you don’t have the time or the capacity to run the facilities in your building or office. Many companies provide this service and can help you save time and money. Look for one that attends to the specific needs of your business and work with them to ensure your facilities services are running smoothly.

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