Do you want your office to contribute more to the environment?

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Does your office look similar to this? Oh no...

More and more offices in London and the Southeast region are adopting a new rubbish and recycling system to enable them to be environmentally friendly and to contribute more to a better world. You will not just be helping the environment but you will also be helping the cleaners to do a quicker rubbish collection leaving them with more free time to focus on cleaning duties. Now even better, by replacing the old rubbish bins from under each desk throughout your office and placing one or two rubbish and recycling stations in strategically placed locations, you will have some positive improvements:

1) People will not be throwing food in small bins under their desk anymore, especially without looking at the bins and missing them and throwing food on the floor, attracting pests.

2) This will contribute to everyone's health as they will have to stand up and walk to the bins, making them more active throughout the day, instead of sitting for long hours in front of their screens. A smart watch can remind you that you need to move every hour, but having to move to dispose of your rubbish as well is a good habit to get into.

3) You will be recycling 90% more than you currently do by placing rubbish and recycling stations in your office. Most of our cleaners tell us that a lot of office workers are too lazy or too busy to recycle and end up throwing everything in the same bin, under their desk of course. Not good enough, is it?

The office in the picture here is a good example of how all offices should look , with no bins under their desks.

We at Cleanwise help our clients as much as we can as an environmentally focused cleaning company. We help them to choose what is best for them to provide a solution. We are truly engaged with all environmental initiatives and want to motivate everyone to also be environmentally engaged and act wisely, contributing to a better world.

Simple way to reduce impact to the environment

No need to spend hundred of pounds to buy expensive bin stations when you can buy cheaper solutions such as the picture here. I'm sure we will find the perfect solution for you office size and budget.

Let us know and we will help you to make a smooth transition to recycling and I'm sure all your employees, clients and visitors will thank your company for taking such a huge and important step towards helping the environment and reducing waste.

If you are a current client, contact me for any advice on this subject at and I will be pleased to support your office. If you are not our client yet, what are you waiting for?

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